Diese Bega Wand- oder Deckenleuchte besticht durch die klare, runde Form des mundgeblasenen Diffusors aus seidenmattem Opalglas. Die Struktur besteht aus weißem Aluminiumdruckguss. Ip44.


Nautilus Plate

Using slip to create a Nautilus pattern


Suppentassen in gesprenkelten Keramik weiß emailliert kleine moderne Keramik von Hand C Keram Home Deco ceramic pottery emailliert gesprenkelten Hand Keram Keramik kleine moderne Suppentassen von weiß


Stoneware Butter Dish

Handmade stoneware butter dish in an off white/grey glaze.   size.       15 x 15 x 17cm approx (Walnut spreader not included)


Fotografie #Kaffee # Keramik # handgemacht # Keramik Kaffeetasse Keramik handgemachte Kanne ....

Fotografie #Kaffee # Keramik # handgemacht # Keramik Kaffeetasse Keramik handgemachte Kanne ...


Giosy Matteu on Instagram: “i love ceramic, love mug of tea...love cats...��� . . . #art #arte #artist #ceramic #ceramica #ceramique #pottery #colorato #colorful…”

i love ceramic, love mug of tea...love cats...��� . . . #art #arte #artist #ceramic #ceramica #ceramique #pottery #colorato #colorful…


Morgan ✾ Pottery By M on Instagram: “Does anyone else feel immediately transported to the shore when they look at this mug?! Because I sure do! I mean, there’s a reason I named…”

3 layers (brush application) of Amaco’s PC Blue Rutile followed by 3 layers of Amaco’s Textured Turquoise, fires to cone 6 on Standard 112 clay. Love this glaze! It’s a heavy application of glaze, I use lots of wax on the lower 2/3 of the piece to keep it from running all over my kiln shelves! #howiamaco #potterybym #glazingbym #saltysea #babychubs #ceramic


Lisa Russell on Instagram: “Big platter, dinner plates and a serving bowl all in a chalky whit



Alternative Glazing Techniques

Want to meet up with Potters from around the world? Click here for more info! Are you using Instagram for your Pottery Business? Make sure you're not making these 3 huge mistakes Do you dream of selling your ceramics online? Yes? Click here to find out how you can. Want to get your first 10,000 f


Pottery Trinket Dishes

Learn how to make these cute handmade pottery trinket dishes. ClayShare has over 200 online pottery classes, thousands of videos, weekly live broadcasts, templates, glaze recipes, giveaways and more. Sign up for free and start making pottery today!


Ceramics for your everyday rituals

Small bowls for small bites like soups, salads, and desserts.


SPECIAL ORDER - Mug - Humpback Whale Wrap - M18-05-SO

Special order your new mug and I'll make it just for you! You choose: Color of glaze (choose below from celadon green, black matte or teal blue) Handle option (no handle or, if applicable, handle to the left or the right of primary design (for right-handed or left-handed) ​PLEASE NOTE: Each mug is handmade individually. Your mug will be similar to the one shown, but not exact. Please allow 8 to 10 weeks.


Kate Rumson’s Instagram photo: “I have to ask for your help with this ... I’ve been stuck her...

Kate Rumson’s Instagram photo: “I have to ask for your help with this ... I’ve been stuck here for over an hour trying to pick the best setting for my Birthday dinner…”


Becca Jane Koehler’s Instagram post: “Dill Flower #wip”

Dill Flower #wip


Handgemachte Keramik Badezimmer Zahnbürste/Zahnpasta-Halter


Ceramic Christmas Angels

These cute little angels are made from white earthenware clay and decorated with coloured slips and glazes. Each piece is hand cut around a template that I designed and then assembled with great attention to detail - even down to her tiny little heart. She measures 7.5 cm high and 7 cms wide. This is the price for ONE angel Artwork and design copyright Dottery Pottery 2010


Urbania Lichthaus Teelichthalter-Serie. Städte bauen der modernen Art: Mette Bache und Barbara Bendix Becker entwerfen für die dänische Marke Kähler Design schmucke Häuser aus glänzend glasiertem Porzellan. Aber nicht irgendwelche Häuser Hinter jedem Haus steckt ein bestimmter Typus der modernen Architektur. Und wenn Kirche sich zum Pantheon, Hochhaus zum Atelierhaus gesellt, wird aus der Vielzahl der offerierten, stets handgefertigten Windlichter ein hübsch beleuchtetes Städtchen.Urbania Lichthaus Functio Teelichthalter. Funktional als Hommage an das moderne Einfamilienhaus, das sich fast jeder wünscht: Kähler Design liefert das »Functio« Einfamilienhaus mit schmalen und kleinen, unregelmäßig angeordneten Fenstern und einseitigem Spitzdach, was sich mit einem Teelicht schmuck illuminieren lässt, so dass das Windlicht je nach Betrachtungswinkel anders wirkt.


Photo #slabpottery Photo #slabpottery Photo #slabpottery Photo


Ring dish #ceramicpainting Colorful ring dishes by Quiet Clementine


Seamless Transitions: How to Spray Layers of Glazes to Softly Blend Glaze Colors - Ceramic Arts Network

In this post, Martha Grover explains how to spray layers of glazes to create surfaces which are often mistaken for soda-fired surfaces.


White ceramic bowls


Giosy Matteu on Instagram: “i love ceramic, love mug of tea...love cats...��� . . . #art #arte #artist #ceramic #ceramica #ceramique #pottery #colorato #colorful…”

i love ceramic, love mug of tea...love cats...��� . . . #art #arte #artist #ceramic #ceramica #ceramique #pottery #colorato #colorful…


Schale mit Goldlinie

Unsere Goldlinie ist einer eurer Lieblinge. Ein feiner Streifen zieht sich um die Schüssel herum. Eine Hälfte ist transparent glasiert. Die Schale ist aus Keramik und handgemacht. Wir töpfern in BARDOWICK


4Cats Arts Studio

Fun art show idea to plant succulents in glazed pottery


Jouw platform voor het kopen en verkopen van handgemaakte items

There's not a lot to say about these stamps. They don't like to party, they disapprove of movie watching and many other forms of fun. What can I say? They're square. Please select the quantity you would like. Option 1: One (1) random square stamp measuring between 3/4" and 1 1/4" on each side. Option 2: Two (2) random square stamps measuring between 3/4" and 1 1/4" on each side. Every stamp is handmade one at a time by me, and I rarely make the same design twice. So this listing is for a completely random selection of stamps. Some examples of designs I have made in the past are shown in the photo. IMPORTANT: By purchasing this listing you agree to the terms of the listing and all shop policies, so please read the full listing and my policies before you buy. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ POLYMER CLAY ARTISTS: I recommend polymer clay stamps for use with Sculpey, Fimo, and other brands of polymer clay. You can use bisque stamps as well but you have more chance of staining and sticking. If polymer clay is sticking to a stamp, try one or more of the following: > Dust with baby powder before stamping > Allow the clay to cool before continuing work (I will even put mine in the fridge or freezer) > Allow overly soft clay to leach some oil out into layers of copy paper so that it's easier to work with ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ POTTERS and CERAMIC ARTISTS: I recommend bisque stamps for use of stoneware and earthenware clay. Dark colored clay such as terracotta or Hawaiian Red will stain the stamps, but if you rinse and dry your stamp between uses they shouldn't carry the color over to light colored clay. You can use polymer clay stamps as well but they are slightly more likely to stick to wet clay. If your stoneware clay is sticking to a stamp, try one or more of the following: > Lightly dust the stamp with corn starch > Lightly oil with olive oil or any other vegetable oil > Wash the stamp in warm soapy water and a soft brush and allow to dry before using again > Allow your work to dry a little longer before stamping ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PRECIOUS METAL CLAY JEWELERS: I recommend polymer clay stamps only for PMC. If your metal clay is sticking to a stamp, try one the following: > Lightly oil the stamp with a vegetable-based oil. I've heard that spray cooking oil works nicely for this purpose. Be sure to clean with warm soapy water and a soft brush afterward. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ AIR DRY CLAY, PLAY-DOH, PAPER CLAY You can use both polymer clay and bisque stamps for these purposes. The dye in Play-Doh will almost certainly stain the stamps, but it will not damage them or carry the color to your future projects as long as you clean the stamps with a soft brush and warm soapy water between each use. IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH CHILDREN: you may prefer to order polymer clay stamps since they are nearly unbreakable. However, I have allowed my son to use my stamps extensively since he was two years old and he has never yet broken a stamp of either material. PLEASE NOTE: My smaller stamps should never be given to children under 4 years old without adult supervision. Children of any age should never be allowed to put these items in their mouths. If your air dry clay, Play-Doh, or paper clay is sticking, try one or more of the following: > Lightly dust the stamp with corn starch or baby powder before each use. > Wash the stamp in warm soapy water and a soft brush and allow to dry before using again ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COOKIE DOUGH, PASTRY, FONDANT, AND OTHER FOODS: Please contact me at my other shop, GiselleNo5Handmade.etsy.com, for cookie stamps. Do not use polymer clay stamps on food items. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IMPORTANT: Please purchase separate stamps to use on food and for work with clay to prevent cross-contamination. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ STAMP CARE FOR ALL STAMPS: Keep clean with warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush (like an old toothbrush). Clean and rinse between uses and allow to dry thoroughly before the next use. Clay buildup can cause sticking, and different colors of dried-on clay may flake off during use and affect your current work. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ COPYRIGHT NOTICE: All designs, creative content, descriptions and images are copyright 2012-2016 by Giselle No. 5 - Giselle Massey - whether registered or unregistered. Making copies of my stamps is strictly prohibited. Violation of this copyright may subject the violator to civil and/or criminal prosecution. All rights reserved.


Dog Ornament, Corgi Dog Ornament, Welsh Corgi Ornament,Handmade pottery Dog Ornament,Red and White Corgi tri color, black corgi ornament

Dog Ornament, Corgi Dog Ornament, Welsh Corgi Ornament, Red and white Corgi Dog, Tri color Corgi Ornament, Handmade pottery Dog Ornament, - Each hand cut black and white, white and tan or Tri-color Corgi ornament is a one-of a kind! Each ornament is hand-cut and hand painted with brilliant under-glaze, gloss glazed and kiln fired producing a lasting keepsake. Accented with Holly and a hemp cord. This ornament is an ideal dog lover's gift! Eco-friendly. WOOF! Gotta LOVE Corgis! Measures approx. 4 3/4" long. Select tri color or tan and white or black and white. This listing is for one ornament. Inspired by my friend's beautiful Welsh Corgi, Keebla! *Message me for bulk order discounts. Handmade in the USA! This ornament makes a great HOLIDAY dog gift!


Ceramic mushrooms garden decoration

Beautiful ceramic decorative mushrooms, Hats in brilliant red glaze, stalks in Engobe. A great idea for garden decorations and a great gift for amateur gardeners and Mushroom collectors. Very nice you can decorate the mushroom with spring flowers in a small basket or Use in a shallow bowl with moss and natural materials as interior decoration The mushrooms are weatherproof, but should be set up in winter in a frost-protected manner. Height gr. Mushroom ca 9 cm/hat diameter gr. Mushroom about 9 cm Please note before purchasing: No VAT is reported as a small business owner within the meaning of Section 19 (1) of the UStG.


Palm Springs Bow Tie Vase von Jonathan Adler in Schwarz-Weiß. Die handgefertigteund limitierte Vase der exklusiven Palm Springs Collection besticht durchausgefallenes Design.


Palm Springs Diamonds Vase von Jonathan Adler in Schwarz-Weiß. Diehandgefertigte und limitierte Vase der exklusiven Palm Springs Collectionbesticht durch ausgefallenes Design.


Saskia Lauth - Kopftöpfe aus Ton

Keramik / Töpfern: Schritt für Schritt-Anleitung zum Modellieren eines Kopftopfes (Blumentopf in Form eines Kopfes) mittels der Technik der Daumenschale (ohne Töpferscheibe). Alle Etappen, vom Formen des Gefässes über das Modellieren der Gesichtsdetails bis hin zum Glasieren und dem fertigen Resultat.